Prepare Your Business for Growth

To plan for business growth, you need a guide that can identify the issues that impact your business's growth strategy. That's where Manufacturing Works comes in.

Regardless of how your business defines growth, we can help. We empower healthy growth strategies and help customers prepare for various transitions that are the result of:

  • New acquisitions
  • Next-generation onboarding
  • Management buyouts
  • Setting up an ESOP
  • New investors
  • Mergers

Optimize Your Business for the Future with Our Growth and Transition™ Program

Each new business transition brings new opportunities, which is why we've created a program that allows businesses to embrace change. In four steps, we take your vision for change and help you bring it to life.

  1. Share your vision: Get all of your grand ideas out there and let us help you determine what's next for you, your business, and your family.
  2. Map out a growth plan: Put the wheels in motion, by assessing risk, appropriately forecasting for the future, and figuring out how your transition plan can bring value to your business's future.
  3. Refine your vision: Receive the expert guidance from experienced advisors that will set you up for success.
  4. Implementation: Get the support you need to roll out your plan over a time frame that works best for you.

After roll-out, the journey doesn't end. We can continually help you appropriately prioritize for your business to ensure your team is spending time, money, and attention in the right areas.

Growth and Transition™ Program Format – Members Helping Members

Each cohort, comprised of a small group of business owners, meets once per month to learn together and share the journey. Led by a dedicated facilitator, the sessions rely on a pool of trusted, experienced advisors to provide knowledge, education, and assistance.

Start with the end in mind and follow the Growth and TransitionTM Roadmap to chart your vision.

  1. Personal, Family, and Business Planning
  2. Sales and Marketing
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Governance
  5. Operations
  6. Talent Management
  7. Valuations
  8. Finance Option

To join or learn more about our Growth and Transition program, contact Ron Clough, Vice President of Manufacturing Services, via email or at 216.920.1968.

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Help Your Business Thrive Now and Well Into the Future

Strategizing for business growth and successful transitions helps keep your business—and the Northeast Ohio manufacturing industry—healthy. Let us help you build the strategies that will set you up for success.

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