Welcome to The Center for Advanced Air Mobility Initiative (CAAM-I). A program designed by Manufacturing Works and the Ohio Aerospace Institute to accelerate Northeast Ohio Manufacturers' access to and engagement with unmanned vehicle production and electric vehicle transformation. Funded by the United States Economic Development Administration, our efforts are geared towards workforce development, technology transfer, and supply chain collaboration.

Northeast Ohio is leveraging its assets to be a hub of aerospace innovation and CAAM-I is the gateway for small and mid-sized manufacturers to be a part of the movement.

What is Advanced Air Mobility?

Advanced Air Mobility is the way we will ship a heart from The Cleveland Clinic to The Ohio State Medical Center without I-71 traffic. It is the way we will rescue people from a forest fire without risking a pilot. And, it will be part of urban commutes of the future.

What is CAAM-I?

CAAM-I connects manufacturers able to serve this market to:

  • Educational resources for owners and skilled trades
  • Financial resources via government grants or SBA funds
  • Supply chain resources and B2B referrals
  • Technical resources through our local network

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"With its manufacturing base and local technical support system, Ohio is poised to pave the way, and airways, for the Advanced Air Mobility industry."

Ken Patsey, President and Executive Director
Manufacturing Works



Pathways to Funding and Becoming a Defense Contractor

Have you ever wondered how some companies start working with the government? Do you have a great technology and wonder how to take it and your business to the next level? If you have these questions, join us to hear the stories of two companies that have successfully used government programs to fund and grow their business as defense contractors.

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NEOFIX: Your Gateway to Drone Innovation

Unlock the future of air mobility today!

At the helm of advancing air mobility stands the Northern Ohio Governance Advisory Network, a dynamic private/public partnership uniting industry leaders, academic experts, and resource organizations. Northern Ohio Governance Advisory Network is driving economic growth in UAV industry.

A result of our collaboration lies NEOFIX – the Northeast Ohio Flight Information Exchange. NEOFIX offers real-time situational awareness; enhancing supply chain connections, ensuring safe flight patterns for public safety and emergency responders, and empowering drone pilots and authorities. Visit oh-fix.com to join or contact Manufacturing Works' Howard Thompson for more information. 



For more information about how CAAM-I can help your business enter the Advanced Air Mobility sector, contact Manufacturing Works' Howard Thompson.