Put Unproductivity in the Past

Manufacturers need to evaluate their facilities regularly to ensure they're operating efficiently. We understand that knowing where to start can be challenging. Manufacturing Works can connect you to resources that will use various methodologies, like Lean, to help you minimize waste and improve production outputs and productivity.

"Aetna Plastics has greatly benefited from Manufacturing Works' Lean Implementation Group. It has helped us build a foundation and roadmap for our Lean program through the unique combination of classroom discussion and on-site plant tours. What makes this group truly special is the ability to share ideas and learn from like-minded businesses in our own backyard."


Manager of Quality and Process Improvement - Aetna Plastics Corp.

Use Today's Manufacturing Technologies

Whether your manufacturing operation is driven by machinery and robotics or is more reliant on labor and process, we can help identify how your company could best benefit from using the latest technologies available—increasing your productivity and keeping your company competitive.

"The greatest benefit [of Manufacturing Works membership] to Cleveland Steel Tool has been spreading the gospel of Lean and 5S past the senior management level, to allow foremen and machine operators to hear from their peers about the benefits of the process. Sharing ideas within a controlled environment is a far superior learning technique than internet videos or classroom pedagogues."


President - Cleveland Steel Tool Co.

A Program That Helps You Innovate Your Manufacturing Processes

Rely on our Manufacturing 4.0 in CLE program to connect you to the resources and technologies that will help your operations run more efficiently.

This program is designed to help you overcome your biggest production challenges.

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Develop Your Company's Process Improvement Strategy

Join Manufacturing Works to take advantage of the programs that have been specifically designed to help small and medium-sized manufacturers gain a competitive edge and optimize their operations.

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