Support for Cleveland Manufacturing Companies

The Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative (CIRI) began with a focus on grass-roots retention efforts with the City of Cleveland’s manufacturing companies. Since 1994, CIRI has helped Cleveland manufacturing companies improve operations, maintain profitability, and remain competitive.


This program is an integral part of Mayor Frank Jackson’s plan to link manufacturing businesses to community resources. Over the past three years, our CIRI team has averaged over 460 unique manufacturing site visits per year.

Our end goal is to help Cleveland manufacturing companies grow and prosper.

CIRI's Impact

Our staff works closely with the City’s Department of Economic Development to help manufacturing companies thrive and grow. Between 2015 and 2019, just over 3,200 jobs and $195.2 million in annual payroll was affected by 80+ CIRI projects.

These are just some of the ways CIRI has impacted Cleveland manufacturers. Read more in our 2019 Economic Impact Report.


Connected with 623
manufacturing and industrial
firms representing

20,000 JOBS*



Interventions affected 390
existing direct manufacturing
and manufacturing-related
jobs with an estimated
annual payroll of

$17.6 M


$1.55 M

in capital investment


$1.7 M

of additional investment
planned in 2020


new jobs planned upon
completion of capital
spending in 2020

* Employment data from Manufacturing Works database of CIRI visit summaries from the past year.
Interventions are defined as services where new jobs were added, jobs were at risk, operational improvements led to cost reductions, or an investment was made.
Payroll is estimated based on Chamber Model updated with OH-LMI Q1 2019 wage data.

Wide-Ranging Solutions

CIRI’s industrial development managers link manufacturers to resources and solutions in:



We connect Cleveland manufacturing companies to public and private financing, which includes low-interest loans and grants that can be used for business expansion, equipment, site acquisition, working capital, and staff training.


Real Estate and Land Assembly

We gather information on available industrial properties and buildings, and offer support for relocation and expansion.


Building Permit and Zoning

We're equipped to provide information about industrial properties and facilities, as well as provide site-selection assistance, relocation, and expansion support.


Safety and Security

We connect manufacturers to industry best practices and techniques to protect employees and properties.


Employment and Training

Through CIRI, manufacturers gain access to workforce professionals who can help them hire, place, and train employees. They can also gain access to grants that help reduce training costs.


Sales and Marketing

We deliver the tools manufacturers need to grow their businesses. This includes access to government-supplier resources and sales development assistance.



We can provide access to a diverse set of resources that can handle anything from roadway improvements to graffiti removal to utility efficiency.


Waste Management and Environmental Compliance

Manufacturers can access resources that will help control waste management costs, implement waste reduction solutions, and educate them about the availability of local EPA services.


Technology and Modernization

We provide connections to professionals who can provide technical expertise and help manufacturers improve the quality, productivity, inventory, and costs tied to technologies.


General Business Assistance

Through individual or group support, CIRI can provide customized solutions that address specific business needs.


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CIRI Regions Map

Region 1: Wards 1, 2, 8–10, and 12
Kim McCarty
Director, Industrial Development

Region 2: Wards 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 
Molly Leitch Leitner
Manager, Industrial Development

Region 3: Wards 11, 13–17
Millie Caraballo
Senior Manager, Industrial Development

Chelsey Kovar
Economic Development Specialist

For more information on CIRI, contact Kim McCarty, Director of Industrial Development, via email or at 216.588.1446

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