Educating and Connecting Manufacturing Companies

For over 30 years, Manufacturing Works has provided manufacturers in Northeast Ohio what they need to grow and prosper.

We do this, in part, by providing the guidance and knowledge that help manufacturers understand the fast-changing trends in technology, talent, and organizational leadership.

The other part of what we do is create a self-supporting community. Specifically, we connect businesses and industry leaders to resources—and each other—while getting them more engaged within their local communities. We're uniquely equipped to do this because, by partnering with industry leaders, the Manufacturing Works leadership team gains in-depth knowledge about the challenges the region's manufacturers face and establishes connections to the wide-ranging set of solutions offered by local subject matter experts.


Focused on Strengthening Manufacturing

Manufacturing Works serves manufacturing companies and organizations throughout Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. While our focus is Northeast Ohio, our efforts are felt far beyond the area and resonate loudly throughout regional and state economies.

We also manage the Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative (CIRI), which helps link manufacturing businesses to valuable community resources in Cleveland, Ohio. We work closely with the City of Cleveland’s Department of Economic Development to help industrial businesses thrive and grow.


How We Help

Our workforce programs help build a pipeline of qualified employees. Through our training offerings and youth, recruitment, and apprenticeship programs, we help current employees upskill their qualifications to stay current in the latest manufacturing technologies.

Our members also enjoy cost-saving initiatives from Manufacturing Works’ trusted partners, like Grainger, Oswald Roundstone, Spooner Incorporated, and others.

Additionally, we have programs that can help you identify and implement operating efficiencies, grow and expand your offerings, and connect you with buyers that can improve your profitability.

"We stumbled through the traditional job posting avenues for months without finding a project manager. We turned to Manufacturing Works' WorkSource Program, and within weeks they identified and helped us vet several qualified candidates. This streamlined our process and landed us an excellent hire."


President and Owner - Aetna Plastics Corp.

Our History of Grassroots Service

1986 to 1991

Setting the Foundation

  • WIRE-Net founded by Cudell Improvement, Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, and Stockyard Area Development Association, as the Westside Industrial Retention and Expansion Network. John Colm is hired as the organization's first Director.

  • Westside Industrial Retention and Expansion Network incorporates as a 501 (c)(3), and signs up its first five members: Actron Manufacturing, Apex Paper Box, Summers Rubber Company, Universal Grinding, and Wood Dimensions.

  • At Cleveland Mayor Michael White's request, John Colm submits a report outlining a city-wide industrial retention initiative, later established as the Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative (CIRI).

1995 to 2000

Focusing on People

Hire Locally program places 269 people in manufacturing employment, generating economic impact of $3.8 million in wages, generating $76,000 in payroll taxes for Cleveland.

WIRE-Net partners with NASA Glenn and Cuyahoga Community College to develop a machinist training program, one of the first to teach to the National Institute for Metalworking Skills standards.

WIRE-Net helps form the Northeast Ohio Metalworking Association Consortium (NEO-MAC) and negotiates agreements with educators to delineate the roles of industry and education to improve precision machining training.

2002 to 2012

Stretching Our Limits

  • WIRE-Net launches its Manufacturing Innovation for the Next Decade (MIND) program, an action think tank for innovators who are accelerating the pace of innovation within their companies.

  • Over 100 business and community leaders participate in WIRE-Net's first Appreciative Inquiry Summit, setting direction for the next three years and leading to the strategic decision to remove geographic boundaries.
  • The Great Lakes WIND Network (later just GLWN) is launched through a partnership with the State of Ohio and the Cleveland Foundation.
  • WIRE-Net begins management of the CIRI program.
  • GLWN holds the first "Making It Here" wind supply chain conference in Cleveland, 244 people from 33 states and four countries attend.

2017 to Present

Focusing on the Future

  • With input from over 100 people from the region's manufacturing community, WIRE-Net's Board and staff develop the 2020 Vision, focusing on technology, talent, and organizational leadership.

  • WIRE-Net celebrates 30 years as a leading force to strengthen manufacturing in Greater Cleveland and then changes its name to become Manufacturing Works.

  • John Colm retires. Ken Patsey is hired as the organization's second ever President and Executive Director.

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