Access Manufacturing Technologies Right for You

One of the challenges for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies is understanding the new manufacturing technology options that are available to them—as well as figuring out which ones are right for their specific organizations.

Manufacturing Works members gain access to key resources and technologies that help Northeast Ohio manufacturing companies implement and fulfill these requirements.

Some of the technology-based solutions we can connect manufacturers to include:

  • Plant Visualization Sensors: These sensors can provide real-time data that helps optimize operations.
  • Automation: More affordable and easier-to-install than ever before, collaborative robots can provide reliable solutions to cost and throughput issues.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning: ERP systems offer the ability to integrate information from all aspects of your business to improve decision-making and profitability.

An Education Network

We rely on our network of members and partner organizations to stay on top of the latest manufacturing technologies, and we keep our members educated on the types of technologies they can realistically adopt. Members gain access to programs and solutions that help them resolve speed bumps in production and keep their business running smoothly.

Partnering with Manufacturing Works can help you prioritize initiatives to determine the best path for company growth.

Team NEO IIoT Readiness Assessment


As the JobsOhio Network Partner, Team NEO accelerates the pace of growth and equity relating to business development outcomes throughout the 18 counties of Northeast Ohio.

The Roadmap Project Team and Working Group has developed the IIoT Readiness Assessment to be used as a tool to help a company evaluate its digital maturity and readiness for IIoT implementation.

All survey responses are confidential, complimentary and will be analyzed by the Roadmap Project Team and returned to those surveyed to provide a high-level assessment of your organization’s readiness to adopt IIoT solutions, and how your readiness compares to others in the Northeast Ohio market.


Equip Your Company With New Manufacturing Technologies

Manufacturing Works can help you identify the suite of technology-based solutions you need for all aspects of your manufacturing company.

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