Fueling Growth: Upskilling and Talent Development in Manufacturing

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, success hinges on a skilled and adaptable workforce. At Manufacturing Works, we provide essential resources and programs designed to meet the evolving needs of industry leaders.

Discover how our workforce development initiatives can strengthen your team and propel your manufacturing enterprise forward.

Our programs include:

Youth Pre-Apprenticeship
Registered Apprenticeship
Supervising for Success
Supervising for Success: Deeper Dive
Leadership Institute
ManuFuture Learning Community
Ownership Transition



Education and Workforce Training Solutions


Youth Pre-Apprenticeship

TCPOur Youth Pre-Apprenticeship program is designed to introduce high school students to the world of manufacturing through practical, hands-on experience with local industry leaders.

Through partnerships with schools and manufacturing companies, we facilitate Work-Based Learning opportunities that align with Ohio Department of Education & Workforce standards. These experiences not only meet graduation requirements but also serve as a gateway to rewarding careers in manufacturing.

As a sponsor through ApprenticeOhio, Manufacturing Works supports districts in developing robust youth pre-apprenticeship programs. These programs provide students a career pathway to enter registered apprenticeships, earn stackable credentials, and even college credits.  

Discover how our Youth Pre-Apprenticeship program can open doors to a promising career in manufacturing. 


Registered Apprenticeship

Apprentices22As part of the Manufacturing Works Apprenticeship Consortium, we facilitate partnerships with manufacturers to establish registered apprenticeships within their companies. 

Registered Apprenticeships provide a structured pathway for individuals to gain hands-on experience and develop essential skills in specific occupations while working full-time. This model benefits both employers and apprentices by fostering a skilled workforce and offering career advancement opportunities.

Manufacturing Works serves as a group sponsor through ApprenticeOhio, simplifying the administrative aspects of apprenticeship programs. We handle program administration, assist with registrations, and coordinate work-related classes with training providers. Our team also identifies and facilitates access to grants and financial incentives that support the establishment and ongoing success of apprenticeship initiatives.

Contact our Apprenticeship Program Director, Beth Dawson, at 440.785.8784 to learn about the Apprenticeship Consortium.


Supervising for Success

Frontline supervisors and managers play pivotal roles in engaging and retaining top talent and reinforcing quality-driven processes.

Supervising for Success is a professional development series spanning four essential topics: Essentials of Frontline Leadership in Manufacturing, Effective Communication for Frontline Leaders, Turning Challenges into Opportunities for Growth, Best Practices for Engaging and Retaining Top Talent.

Supervisors will enhance their leadership presence, build trust and rapport with their teams, and develop their leadership styles to effectively manage diverse communication preferences. They will also gain insights into navigating conflicts constructively to foster collaboration and improve team dynamics.

Visit our Events page to learn about the next Supervising for Success series. 


Supervising for Success: A Deeper Dive

Take your supervisory skills to the next level with our new virtual series designed for graduates of the original Supervising for Success program. Delve deeper into critical topics tailored for frontline supervisors and managers in the manufacturing sector.

This series offers standalone virtual workshops where you can choose to attend one or all four sessions. Explore emotional intelligence, conflict management, mentoring, coaching, and effective change management strategies. Each session includes practical tips, real-world scenarios, and opportunities to connect with peers for ongoing learning and development.

Join us for skill-building workshops that empower you to lead with confidence in today's diverse workplace environment.

View the Events page to register for the next sessions.


Leadership Institute

leadershipins-2Leadership Institute is designed for individuals looking to take ownership or leadership roles in manufacturing or manufacturing-related companies.
Our participant-led program focuses on authentic leadership development through self-exploration, peer learning, and expert guidance. 

Participants in the Leadership Institute gain a high-level overview of essential skills and knowledge needed for successful business ownership and leadership in manufacturing. Our curriculum includes personal reflection and self-discovery sessions, AMA sessions with industry leaders, and deep dives into finance, accounting, legal, and operational best practices.

 Learn more about Leadership Institute and the application process.


ManuFuture Learning Community

ManuFuture is a guided peer-to-peer learning community aimed at transforming and modernizing manufacturing in our region. Through a proven methodology, we empower manufacturers to enhance their digital capabilities and maintain competitiveness in the evolving marketplace.

This dynamic community blends online and in-person interactions to foster organic knowledge sharing among members. Monthly workshops and semi-annual live events provide opportunities for manufacturers to share insights, develop new skills, and drive innovation together. Powered by Manufacturing Works' extensive experience in educational programming and unmatched convening power, ManuFuture is at the forefront of collaborative learning to build thriving businesses and communities.

Contact Mike Yost, Director of Manufacturing Excellence Services, at 216.773.0900 today to learn more about upcoming events.



Ownership Transition

With over 35 years dedicated to supporting manufacturers, our nonprofit understands the complexities of business transitions. Our independent and informative program guides you through every step, whether you're considering new acquisitions, onboarding the next generation, pursuing management buyouts, setting up an ESOP, attracting new investors, or exploring mergers.

We provide education to simplify the process, helping you navigate options that align with your goals, your partners, your family, and your employees. Benefit from insights and practical knowledge shared by experts from our extensive member network, offering valuable perspectives without obligation to engage their services. Learn more about the Ownership Transition Program.



"As a long-time supporting member of Manufacturing Works, I feel important to give back to the organization and its regular membersIt’s always great to connect with the members and learn more about their businesses, help solve any problems they may be having and educating them along the wayI believe the entire group learns a lot from each other, including the guest speakers!" 

Todd Lancaster

Sales Executive, Oswald Companies 

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