Helping Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Prosper Through People

Manufacturing Works is a network of business leaders and industry experts dedicated to the prosperity of our members.

We understand that employee attraction and retention in manufacturing are more challenging than ever. We also understand that manufacturing companies face unique obstacles when developing employees to be their best. Our resources can help you find the right employees as you grow and expand—from start-up all the way through business growth and transition.

Workforce Resources for a Changing Industry

Tap into the workforce resources provided by Manufacturing Works. We understand manufacturers’ challenges and provide services that can help. Compensation and benefits aren't the only factors employees consider when looking for a job. With the industry changing and evolving at such a rapid pace, manufacturing companies need to use creative employee attraction strategies to recruit and hire the best candidates. See how Manufacturing Works helps companies attract skilled workers for their open positions.

Collaboration Works

Manufacturing Works knows the value of collaborating with other organizations. We seek out partners whose vision and values align with our own and work together for the benefit of the Northeast Ohio community.

Cleveland Clergy Coalition

Cleveland Clergy Coalition is a faith-based service provider that performs job readiness training and placement assistance to members of their congregation and community.

Community Service Alliance

The Community Service Alliance is an organization that provides housing, job readiness training, and placement assistance to veterans.

Cuyahoga Community College

Cuyahoga Community College provides related instructional training for Manufacturing Works consortium apprentices.

Cuyahoga County

The County's SkillUp program helps businesses produce highly skilled workers using a structured training process that aligns with business needs and industry standards. Cuyahoga County will reimburse $1,000 for every dollar of wage increase to cover the cost of training, with a cap of $25,000 per employee per credential.

Max S. Hayes High School

Max Hays is a Career and Technical high school in the Cleveland Metropolitan School district that trains students in basic construction, manufacturing, and automotive. Manufacturing Works engages Max Hayes manufacturing students in presentations, tours, job shadows, and internships.

Ohio Guidestone

Ohio Guidestone works with youth ages 18 to 24 on career. We are working with them to build a manufacturing related pre-apprenticeship.


OhioMeansJobs (OMJ) assists businesses in filling open positions OMJ will match up to 50% of training costs for new hires selected from OMJ data. They provide Incumbent Worker Training grants to upskill existing employees.

Towards Employment

Towards Employment will source, screen, and develop qualified candidates to fill entry-level positions. Funding is available for companies who hire participants and start them in an apprenticeship.

Westside Catholic Center

The Westside Catholic Center works with any individual looking for work. They have short-term readiness classes that focus a lot on soft skills, but also have manufacturing-focused cohorts that touch on blueprint reading and a few other basic technical skills.

Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) is a nonprofit workforce development organization that serves teens and young adults ages 14 to 24 living in economically distressed areas in Northeast Ohio. They prepare youth through classroom-based interventions focusing on career readiness programs, summer employment, and internships


Let Us Connect You to the Right People

Whether you need to hire a new employee or additional training and employee development resources, Manufacturing Works has solutions to fit your needs.

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