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Patrece Scott: Finding Success in Manufacturing

By Manufacturing Works - August 11, 2023

Patrece Scott is now a Registered Apprentice! But, this didn't happen overnight. Patrece is motivated and she knew that she wanted more than a job. She wanted a career! At first, Patrece began working in the healthcare industry, but soon realized that it wasn't the right path for her. Through ACCESS to Manufacturing, a three-week training course offered by Towards Employment, Patrece was introduced to manufacturing.

Finding Her Place

In October 2021, Patrece started working for WLS Stamping Company. On the job, Patrece quickly gained valuable experience and expanded her knowledge in the field. Patrece's enthusiasm was noticed by Robert Guy, WLS's Controller. Robert recommended Patrece for a spot in Manufacturing Works' Pre-Apprenticeship pilot program.

Manufacturing Works' Pre-Apprenticeship program was a six-month training program that kicked off in May of 2022. The course included Tooling U's Certified Manufacturing Associate Credential, which is nationally recognized, as well as shop math, safety, problem solving, teamwork, and communications. Participants received a combination of hands-on classroom and on-the-job training, mentoring, and job coaching.

Through the program, Patrece received support from Manufacturing Works' Apprenticeship Coordinator, Angilique Cole. Angilique provided not only vocational support, but also, on one occasion, child care—as we learned in a recent webinar presented by The Ohio Manufacturers' Association. "I aimed to support the apprentices in any way I could," said Angilique. " In time, I knew everyone's struggles and barriers."

"Yes, I had obstacles, as does everybody, but I still made it. And I love what I do."

Patrece Scott, Apprentice, WLS Stamping Company

The Future Is Bright

After completing the Pre-Apprenticeship program, Patrece Scott was selected to become a full apprentice. This decision was supported by everyone who worked alongside her.

Patrece has been employed in manufacturing for less than two years and has already bought a house and car for herself. "My kids now have their own rooms. I can spend more time with them because I have a regular schedule. I have never advanced this quickly." Patrece's story is remarkable and demonstrates how making changes in one's work life can have a big impact on one's entire life. "I never thought it would go as well as it did."

As Manufacturing Works assists companies finding solutions to their greatest challenges, which includes attaining and retaining a reliable workforce, we are also mindful of the sometimes-larger effect our programs have on individuals and the community.

"I really liked the idea of finding those people who never thought of manufacturing as a career and were going down a different career path or were underemployed or unemployed and were looking for something that could be life changing for them."

Robert Guy, Controller, WLS Stamping Company

For Manufacturing Works, success stems from seeing both the companies and their employees prosper. To learn more about Manufacturing Works' Apprenticeship programs, contact Beth Dawson, Director of the Apprenticeship Program at 216.920.1963 or Angilique Cole, Apprenticeship Program Coordinator at 216.920.1964.


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