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No Issues Is an Issue: Improving Meeting Engagement

By Dan Rose - October 21, 2021

If you've ever walked into your Level 10 Meetings or Quarterly Planning and heard someone say "I don't think we have any issues," you're on a slippery slope to mediocrity. If your meetings have become routine or your team looks to you as the source of substance for the agenda for the weekly time you've allotted together, then it's time to consider some questions to better serve yourselves and your company.

Encouraging Healthy Conflict Within Your Team

The best teams and the best companies in the world thrive because of healthy conflict. This type of conflict is not mean-spirited and doesn't involve personal attacks. It is the type of conflict that is founded in passionate debates about finding the "right" answer or strong conversations in search of the truth. Healthy conflict is aimed at ideas, opportunities, points of friction, and making team processes or business better.

Creating More Engagement in Your Level 10 Meetings

If you have few or no issues, consider the list of questions below in preparation for your meetings and be prepared for more engagement.

  1. What's causing friction? (pain/problems/getting in the way)
  2. What or who is ticking you off?
  3. What could we do more effectively/better?
  4. What are we avoiding?
  5. What would be a game changer for our team/business?
  6. How could we improve our processes?
  7. If we had unlimited resources (time, energy, people, money) what could we do?
  8. Where could I (our team/department/company) improve most?
  9. What skills/competencies are we lacking?
  10. Who should we be working with that we are not currently?
  11. What needs are underserved in our market?
  12. Where are we underutilized?
  13. Where are we at capacity?
  14. What needs to change to exceed our goals?
  15. What professional development do I/we need to grow into our future?

Meetings Don't Have to Be Boring

There's no reason to suffer through a boring meeting. As Benjamin Franklin said, "change the people or change the people. It's an honor to be on a team and every person needs to come prepared to add value or over time, they may no longer need to be at the table."

Source: Sue Hawkes, EOS Worldwide Community

What's Standing in the Way of Your Productivity?

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About Our EOS Implementer

Dan Rose

Dan Rose’s passion is to help entrepreneurs use strategies to grow faster and gain control of their business and their time. As a Certified Implementer, he coaches leadership teams to get what they want and deserve from their businesses by guiding them through the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®).

Dan loves helping companies find their vision, gain their traction and become the healthiest version they can be while realizing sustainable growth and having fun.


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