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Navigating Shifts in the LTL Shipping Market

By Manufacturing Works - September 08, 2023

In light of the recent shutdown of Yellow, we understand that many Manufacturing Works members have concerns about potential disruptions in the LTL shipping industry. That's why we're excited to remind you about a valuable resource—our endorsed shipping provider, PartnerShip.

PartnerShip is well-prepared to assist you during these market shifts. With a robust network of reliable LTL freight carriers like TForce Freight, XPO, ArcBest, Saia, and more, they're ready to help you find the best solutions. Manufacturing Works Members can take advantage of this program at no cost, benefiting from:

  • Diverse carrier options: Access a wide range of reputable LTL freight carriers.
  • Streamlined shipping: Request quotes, compare rates, and book shipments easily online.
  • Cost savings: Benefit from competitive negotiated rates.
  • Expert support: Get personalized guidance from their experienced team.

For more information about PartnerShip, visit our dedicated portal or get a customized freight solution by contacting Harry Centa. As the Manufacturing Works program manager at PartnerShip, Harry can help you reduce your costs and connect you with shipping services that address your specific needs.

For more information about all benefits available to Manufacturing Works members, contact Marcia Ciryak, Director of Program Engagement, at 216.920.1960.


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