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Manufacturing Works' Annual Meeting Focuses on Talent and Technology

By Ken Patsey - March 18, 2022

To Our Manufacturing Members:

Breaking from our traditional format, this year we plan to focus your Annual Meeting on addressing the needs of manufacturing members in two important areas: talent and technology. It is clear that for many companies, customer demand is strong, and your greatest challenges are related to getting product out the door in a timely fashion. There are two ways to meet higher production goals, adding more workers and increasing productivity.

Talent Is Your Top Priority

To that end, we will bring together job candidates and technology providers with you, our manufacturing members. These candidates will be students enrolled in manufacturing and engineering programs from local community colleges and universities. In addition, we will address the longer-term resilience of the workforce by introducing you to current high school students from career tech programs in the region who are eligible for internships with your companies.

Technology Enables Growth

To assist our members' efforts to improve productivity, we will feature both manufacturers of advanced technology equipment and those that provide services that enable you to optimize your current equipment through better process applications. We will feature manufacturing members who can share their experiences implementing these technologies as well.

The activities at this annual meeting are supported by our programming in Workforce and Technology that enable our members to improve their People and Processes. By attending, you will also be able to speak with the staff of Manufacturing Works to see how this programming can address your specific needs.

This Is Your Organization

In addition to our staff, your fellow manufacturers that lead your Board and Committees will be available to listen to your input on how the organization can improve our services to you.

We invite you to improve your ability to grow and prosper by attending the Annual Meeting of your organization, Manufacturing Works. This meeting is designed to provide you with solutions today and to show you how you will be supported in the future by the programs you can help to design. We will be announcing date and location details soon.

If you have any questions about this event or any of the other activities at Manufacturing Works, please contact me directly at 216.588.1445 or

We look forward to seeing you there,


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