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Advanced Air Mobility Means Business

By Manufacturing Works - July 15, 2022

Ohio is the birthplace of aviation. And, since the Wright Brothers' first flight, Ohio has continued to be a leader in aerospace innovation and manufacturing. So, it is only fitting that the Buckeye State is looking to the future of air transportation and has established itself as a hub for the emerging market of Advanced Air Mobility.

According to a new report by Crown Consulting Inc., the State of Ohio can expect more than $13 billion in economic activity over the next 25 years if it takes targeted steps now to support the growth AAM.

The State of Ohio can expect more than $13 billion in economic activity over the next 25 years

What is Advanced Air Mobility or AAM?

Advanced Air Mobility is the way we will ship a heart from The Cleveland Clinic to The Ohio State Medical Center without I-71 traffic. It is the way we will rescue people from a forest fire without risking a pilot. And, it will be part of urban commutes of the future.

How Can Your Manufacturing Business Benefit?

OEMs from across the country are coming to the state to test their technology, and while here they are connecting to local manufacturers. From design to prototype and scale up, Ohio has the capabilities these companies need to get their technology off the ground (literally).

  • Contract manufacturing: assembly, fabricating, machining, wiring, etc.
  • Components: batteries, electric motors, sensors, optics, rotors, etc.
  • Materials: additive manufacturing, composites, ceramics, etc.

Where Can You Go for Local Support?

Northeast Ohio needs to leverage its assets to become a hub of aerospace innovation. Manufacturing Works and the Ohio Aerospace Institute have joined together, with funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, to create the Center for Advanced Air Mobility Institute (CAAM-I) to accelerate Northeast Ohio Manufacturers' access to and engagement with the sector.

CAAM-I is focused on three pillars to assist manufacturers able to serve this market.

  1. Education: technical resources provided through our network of local experts for business owners and skilled trades people
  2. Financial Resources: information about available funding through the Small Business Administration and other government grants
  3. Supply Chain: B2B connections within our networks and beyond

CAAM-I is partnering with local and national organizations to create value for local businesses. Aerozone Alliance, Team NEO, and Parallax Advanced Research each provides a level of expertise critical for the growth of the industry.

Are you ready to get started? If you are interested in more information about how CAAM-I can help your business enter the Advanced Air Mobility sector, visit our new dedicated webpage or contact Manufacturing Works' Molly Leitch Leitner.


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