Supervising for Success: A Deeper Dive is a new virtual series for those who have attended the original four-part Supervising for Success series. Diving deeper into the topics/content most relevant to those who perform frontline supervision/management in a manufacturing environment, this series will provide participants with an opportunity to:

  • Continue skill building
  • Understand how to more effectively supervise/manage in a generationally diverse work environment
  • Practice tips and strategies with real-world examples/scenarios
  • Connect/reconnect with other previous attendees to foster continued peer-to-peer learning

Each virtual workshop is a standalone session.


Thursday, April 25, 2024 • 8:00 to 9:30 AM
Change or Evolution: Attitude Makes All the Difference!

  • Explore the benefits and the challenges associated with organizational and individual change.
  • Review strategies for developing a more adaptive and flexible mindset.
  • Learn as a leader how to model the role of change "advocate" versus change "victim."
  • Discuss techniques for dealing with change, stress, and a fast pace in an innovative environment.

Per Person Cost
$100 Manufacturing Works Members
$125 Non Members




Brianna Schultz

Our Presenter

Jackie Mueckenheim, the owner/president of In5Learning & Development, draws on her extensive experience, expertise, and passion for excellence to design and deliver a wide variety of leadership and management development programming for both corporate and non-profit organizations. Combining her own real-world experience with multiple professional certifications, Jackie motivates leaders (from frontline supervisors to the C-level suite) across a wide variety of industries – including manufacturing – to develop and implement more effective workforce development practices to help drive organizational success.

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Supporting Employee Development

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