Tuesday, June 9, 2020
11:00 AM to Noon


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Ron Clough

"Cash is King" has become more relevant with the disruptions manufacturing businesses have experienced over the last two months in the supply chain. Outside of people, inventory is usually the largest asset a manufacturing business has. Utilized effectively, inventory serves to keep customers happy, and cash flows through the business.

When you've got too much of the "wrong" product, inventory can create an iceberg of cash. Cash that could otherwise be put to a higher and better use in the business. Not enough of the "right" product, and customers take their cash somewhere else.

Warning signs of an inventory challenge include:

  • Reduced cash flow
  • Calls from angry customers
  • Running out of space

In this Manufacturing Works webinar, you will learn actionable information on how to:

  • Quantify how much one inventory turn is worth to your business
  • Calculate inventory turns using your own data
  • Create inventory "splits" to determine opportunities to unlock cash
  • Benchmark inventory performance against your industry peers

Our Presenter:

Michael Ryan is known as a "roll up the sleeves" advisor. With more than 20 years of operations and supply chain experience with manufacturers ranging from GE to Goodyear, he is recognized for his ability to break a problem down, articulate the challenges, identify a solution, and motivate a team to deliver. Michael has built a reputation as a valued partner for businesses needing to unlock cash and improve working capital while delivering operational results.

"Mike created an environment where the team helped construct the solution, building confidence and trust, and delivering on the objectives and goals of the project."

Steve Cooper, VP Operations, Riverside Portfolio Company


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