Wednesday, June 3, 2020
3:00 to 4:00 PM


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Rick Dawson

Businesses nationwide are experiences similar challenges while attempting to bring back their workforce in an effective and safe manner. The post COVID-19 shutdown has posed many unique challenges that are impacting businesses, from hiring to continued safety education to retaining employees.

Horizons HR Services will discuss what real world obstacles companies are experiencing that are impacting their climb back along with "best practices" companies are using to overcome these serious issues.

  • What are the common reasons furloughed, laid off, or potential new candidates are sharing as reason they are not coming back to right away?
  • What challenges and solutions are companies implementing to recruit furloughed or new employees back?
  • What resources are companies using to make employees feel safe during and after shutdown?
  • What types of pre-hire orientation are companies implementing to educate their incoming employees?
  • What are local companies using as resources for PPE for their employees?
  • What are companies doing to protect their employees and their company in mitigating COVID-19 risks as best they can?
  • How are companies keeping management/supervisors up to date on COVID-19 safety "best practices" and trends?

Our Presenters

Renee Hodgens has been in enterprise sales for over 10 years working at both the local and national level. She has been a member of the leadership team at Horizons HR Services since 2018 as the Director of Sales. Her career in staffing began in 2014 starting in IT and then transitioning into light industrial and manufacturing three years ago. She holds a master's degree from John Carroll University and has professional memberships in SHRM and Manufacturing Works. Renee has also served on the Board of Directors of Girls with Sole since 2018.

Tim Regan is currently the Chief Revenue Officer at Horizons HR Services. He has over 25 years in Middle and Senior management in a hiring capacity and the last 13 years in the Staffing industry on a National Level. His career started in Telecommunications in 1993 and transitioned into Staffing in 2007. He has consulted for several Northeast Ohio Companies on expansion over the past 10 years. Tim received his bachelor’s degree from Kent State University.


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