Friday, May 1, 2020
3:00 to 4:00 PM


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Rick Dawson

Situation: Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Prolonged uncertainty, an invisible threat, and facing an unknown future create intense stress on your workforce. Employees will react in different ways. Business managers and HR leaders have the platform to mitigate this stress to a large degree using various tools.

This webinar will help prepare you for restarting onsite production. Drs. Stacy Feiner and Christina Moran will walk through various scenarios for communicating with employees and customers, staying in compliance, keeping everyone healthy and engaged, and bringing your workforce together for success.

  • Returning to work vs unemployment: from both the employer's and employees' standpoints
  • New safety protocols: social distancing, PPE, screenings, sick leave, reporting
  • Establishing a health safety officer

Solution: Communicating with a One Voice Strategy

The story you tell your employees is your public story. Communicating with employees presents an opportunity to share, in greater detail, how the company’s mission is driving decisions, choices, and responses during the crisis. A communication strategy is as much about team building, messaging the mission, and unifying the workforce, as it is about disseminating information, providing instruction, and offering reassurance. Finally, the strategy should also serve as a project plan for communicating to whom, in what order, what vehicles, how often, and where to find resources and ask questions. Prepare as much as possible before distributing any communications. Also consider email lists, access to various accounts, where to direct responses, and questions. TIP: Don't underestimate the power of a communications strategy to make a significant impact within your company and among clients, partnerships and communities


Our Presenters

Dr. Stacy Feiner is the CEO of Psynamics, and a nationally recognized business psychologist, who has helped Private-companies, Fortune 500 corporations, and academic institutions overcome challenges and reach their goals faster than they ever thought possible. She solves the invisible dynamics in businesses to increase the bottom line. Initially drawn to the complex and intimate work with family systems, Dr. Feiner eventually found that her real passion was to bring psychology to business systems where she would have a bigger impact on improving the human condition. By now Dr. Feiner has listened to thousands of business owners talk about their deeply personal experiences owning and running companies. Her approach improves complex dynamics within owner-operated companies, family businesses, management teams, and boards. Dr. Feiner's work ensures that the worthy ideals and missions of others are not abandoned but realized. She publishes in business journals like Forbes and Business Week, as well as research journals such as, International Journal of Group Psychotherapy. Her first book is Talent Mindset: The Business Owner's Guide to Building Bench Strength.


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