Thursday, March 26, 2020
3:00 to 4:00 PM





Rick Dawson

In today's business climate, there is much confusion around business continuity from both a risk standpoint as well as a wealth of HR-related legal issues. Manufacturing Works has assembled experts from Oswald Companies and Weston Hurd LLP to provide clarity to you during these troubled times. Planned topics include:

Oswald Companies

  • Organizational Planning, alignment, and decision making
  • Social Distancing in a manufacturing setting
  • Supply Chain (Upstream, Downstream)
  • Learning from today's situation and applying solutions going forward
  • Insurance coverage for COVID-19 related claims

Weston Hurd

  • Emergency Expanded FMLA and Emergency Paid Sick Leave
  • How these laws affect "essential" businesses that remain open
  • How these laws affect "non-essential" businesses that are forced to shut down
  • Using a Force Majeure clause when such an outbreak prevents a party from fulfilling a contractual obligation

Our Risk Management and Legal experts will answer your questions to help your manufacturing business and your employees thrive.



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