Letter from our President and Executive Director

2020 was a year of great change—in the world and in our community.

First, the impact of COVID-19 was both sudden and significant. In addition to the health and business ramifications, manufacturers had to deal with a myriad of substantial changes to legislation and regulation. Manufacturing Works adapted our programming to stay aligned with manufacturers' most pressing needs.

Additionally, incidents around the country lead to a national movement to finally address racism and police brutality in a meaningful way.

These two matters informed most of the content of our programs in 2020.

For our local manufacturing businesses:

  • we facilitated 17 webinars to keep them current on COVID-19 restrictions
  • we broadened our cost savings programs, targeting companies' largest expense categories
  • we worked with other economic development partners to pursue business opportunities from the reshoring of supply chain needs as well as an increase in government and military contracts
  • we helped solve operating issues by introducing and educating them on new technologies
  • we expanded on the success of our growth and transition program to help business owners prepare for their transition and then be their guide through the process of selling their business including introducing them to qualified buyers and providing financing when necessary

For the greater community:

  • we recruited and arranged for transportation of entry-level workers through our Get2WorkNow program
  • we created virtual learning experiences for high school students and young adults
  • we expanded our apprenticeship program not only to fill the need for skilled workers, but also to support a new generation of successful workers

These are just a few examples of how people are directly impacted by the work we do. And, while I am very proud of what we accomplished in 2020, I am even more excited about what we have planned for this coming year.



Ken Patsey
President and Executive Director

Ken Patsey

Ken Patsey

President and Executive Director


Workforce Development

Workforce resources provided by Manufacturing Works include helping companies attract and retain quality employees. Our programs also provide access to employee development resources. Additionally, Manufacturing Works helps build the talent pipeline by educating students about the employment opportunities that exist in manufacturing. Program achievements for 2020 include:


high school students from three school districts were engaged through virtual presentations and plant tours with partners such as Lincoln Electric, Jergens, Inc., and Hose Master.


skilled employees were recruited and placed at member companies – saving companies over $60,000 in recruitment and placement costs.


Assisted companies in obtaining $31,117 to be used toward employee training and development through Ohio TechCred and our newly formed partnership with OhioMeansJobs, Cuyahoga County.


Helped 30 individuals obtain and/or keep jobs in manufacturing by providing reliable transportation through Get2WorkNow.


Manufacturing Technology

In 2020 Manufacturing Works continued to offer programs to help manufacturers sustain operational efficiency and pave the way for future growth. Our production-focused events, offered both in-person and virtually, attracted 452 owners and key stakeholders from 168 unique companies. Topics included:

  • Improving Inventory Optimization
  • Year One of Swagelok's Automation Journey
  • Manufacturers Are Making Big $ with R&D Tax Credit
  • Crush the Inventory Iceberg
  • Do Business with Lordstown Motors
  • Managing by Metrics
  • Swagelok Virtual Plant Tour: Collaborative Robotics - Integration Lessons Learned


Growth and Transition Program

In 2020, Manufacturing Works introduced its NEW Growth and Transition Program to help companies prioritize what’s important and plan for business growth and transition. The first cohort, which launched in September, included:


business owners from 5 unique businesses


subject matter experts from 24 supporting member companies


in-person kickoff event was followed by 32 virtual meetings


Since its inception in 1996, the core components of the Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative (CIRI) Program have been outreach, assessment, and service delivery. While this process has not changed, in 2020 the team focused their efforts on high-impact projects involving manufacturing companies with indicating factors such as being a part of a growth industry, number of employees, annual sales volume, capital investment for expansion, and new products.

The more targeted list allowed assessment efforts to focus on more in-depth conversations centered around potential opportunities or challenges that might prohibit a company from advancing from the idea stage to taking action to turn that idea into a project. In 2020, the CIRI team completed:

  • 287 surveys to unique manufacturing companies in the City
  • Over 150 services, which includes connections with necessary resources or overcome hurdles that prevented growth or investment

COVID-19 Response

A look back at 2020 would not be complete without acknowledging the impact COVID-19 had on our local manufacturing companies. In March, Manufacturing Works quickly pivoted to provide the latest information and connections to public and private resources. Our response included:

  • 16 webinars facilitated
  • 49 links for COVID-19 resources on website
  • 40 PPE safety kits, provided by JobsOhio and distributed by Manufacturing Works and CIRI
  • 37 companies provided with COVID-19 response and PPP information

2020 Members

121eCommerce LLC
3-D Materials Management, LLC
Acclaim Communications
Ace Paper Tube Corporation
ActionCOACH Team NEO
Adams Automatic, Inc.
Advance Paint Technology, Ltd.
Advanced Controls, Inc.
Aetna Plastics - Fabrication Division
Aetna Plastics Corp.
Aetna Plating Company Inc.
Ahola HR Solutions | Payroll
Air Force One
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp.
Alliance HR Services
Alliance Industrial Solutions
Allied Tool & Die Inc.
Alphagraphics Cleveland
Amros Industries, Inc.
Anchor Ceramic Blade Technologies
Anchor Die Technologies, Inc.
Anchor Manufacturing Group, Inc.
Anchor Metal Processing, Inc
Anchor Tool & Die
ANG Marketing Group, LLC
Apex Paper Box Co
APICS, Akron Chapter
Apple Growth Partners
ArcAlloy Custom Metal Fab & Welding
Architectural Products Development, Inc.
Arena Enterprises Ltd
Arkinetics Inc.
Art Galvanizing Works
ASG, div. of Jergens, Inc.
ASK Chemicals LP
ASM International
August Mack Environmental, Inc.
Auto Bolt Co.
Automated Packaging Systems
Automation Plastics Corporation
Barnes Wendling
Bassett Sprinkler Protection Inc.
Beacon Marshall Companies
Berea Hardwoods
Wayne Bergman
Bettcher Industries, Inc.
Beverage Machine & Fabricators, Inc.
Blaser & Mericle, Inc.
Blue Point Capital Partners, LLC
Boutique IT Solutions (BITS)
BrainSpark Talent Development
BroCo Products Inc.
Browne & Company
Buckeye Fasteners Company
Bush Integrated
C. A. Litzler Company
Carleton McKenna
Case School of Engineering
Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc.
Centurion Security Screen, Inc.
Certitude Security
ChainRing Advisors
Chemical Methods
Chemical Solvents, Inc.
Chimney Screens, Inc.
City Plating
City Thermoelectrics LLC
Ciuni & Panichi, Inc.
Cleveland CycleWerks
Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center
Cleveland Industrial Training Center Inc
Cleveland Machinery Sales, Inc.
Cleveland Specialty Products
Cleveland Steel Tool Co.
Compliance Technologies, Inc
Control Electric Company, Inc.
Conveyer & Caster Corp.
Cook-Leitch & Associates, Inc.
CRESCO Real Estate, Cushman & Wakefield
Judith Crocker
Crown Warehousing & Logistics, Inc.
Cyrid Media
D. A. Surgical
Dan T. Moore Company
David Wolfe Design, Inc.
DEM Manufacturing
DeMilta Iron & Metal Co.
Dennison Creative
Die-Matic Corporation
Dise & Company
Dollar Bank
Du West Tool & Die, Inc
Duffy+Duffy Cost Segregation Services
Duraflow Industries, Inc
Duray Plating Company
E Solutions LLC
e2b Teknologies
Efficient Machine Products Corp.
Elco Corporation
Electric Cord Sets
Elsons International
EMC Precision
Emprise Partners
Enerco Group Inc.
Energy Management Specialists, Inc.
Envalo, Inc.
Envirofab, Inc.
Equipment Manufacturers International
Erie Industrial Equipment, Inc.
ETNA Products, Inc.
Euro-USA Midwest
Evergreen Industrial Batteries LLC
Expense Reduction Analysts
EZ Snap Covers
Farmers National Bank
Fastener Industries, Inc.
Fastsigns Downtown Cleveland
Federal Gear
Felber PR & Marketing
Feldenkris CFO Services, LLC
Ferrous Processing & Trading Company
Fike Developing and Excavating, Inc.
First Commonwealth Bank
Flow Polymers, LLC
Food for Thought
Fulcrum ConsultingWorks, Inc.
Fully Promoted
Gebauer Company
Gem Tool
General Metal Heat Treating, Inc.
Genius ERP
Globe Pipe Hanger Products, Inc.
Good Engineering and Marine Service, LLC
Gotta Groove Records
Granite Steel & Processing, Inc.
Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Great Lakes Towing Company
Halvorsen Co.
Heat Seal/Ampak
Hinkley Lighting, Inc.
HKB Enterprises
HKM Direct Market Communications
Hubbell Machine Tooling, Inc.
Huntington Bank - Business Banking West
Impact Armor Technologies LLC
Industrial Wheels Inc.
InfoGrow Corporation
Inglewood Associates LLC
Integrated Automation Consulting LLC
Integrity Staffing Services
IT Support Specialists
J.J. White Products Inc.
Jamestown Container Companies
Jergens, Inc.
JIS, div. of Jergens, Inc.
JMC Brands
Johnson Matthey Process Technologies Inc
Joseph T. Snyder Industries, Inc.
JRN Group, Inc.
Kalt Manufacturing Company
Karyall-Telday Co.
Kaufman, Drozdowski & Grendell, LLC
Kay Chemical Company
Kerek Industries, LLC
Kerr Lakeside, Inc.
Key Private Bank
KeyBank - Small Business
Kitzel Inc.
Koehler Fitzgerald LLC
KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools, Inc.
Lakeside Supply Company
Lane Steel Co., Inc.
Lazear Capital Partners
Lean Projects Group
Molly Leitch Leitner
Liberty Mutual Akron
Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc.
Lowe Chemical
Lytkowski & Co. Inc
MACK Growth Partners
Madison Chemical
Magna Industries
Mainthia Technologies, Inc.
Maloney + Novotny LLC
Marcum LLP
Martindale Electric Co.
Mazzella Lifting Technologies
Meaden & Moore
Melin Tool Company
Menyhart Plumbing & Heating Supply
Metal Alloy Reclaimers, Inc. II
Mgt. Advisors, LLC
Midwest Box Company/Walford Industrial Park
Midwest Compressor Co., Inc.
Modern Fasteners Co.
Monroe Tool & Manufacturing Co.
Montville Plastics & Rubber, LLC
Msports Inc
National Commercial Warehouse
National Safety Apparel, Inc
National Tire & Rubber Company
Neighborhood Family Practice
Neverman Insurance Agency
North Coast Container LLC
Northwest Bank
NPA Coatings, Inc.
Numerequip, Inc.
Nu-Tool Industries, Inc.
Oatey Company
Oatey Company - IP
Ohio Travel Bag
On Time Delivery & Warehouse
OneDigital Health and Benefits
Optio Tempore LLC
Oswald Companies
Otto By Products
PACE Converting Equipment Co, Inc.
Parallel Solutions
Partners Environmental Consulting, Inc.
Paul Fike Builders, Inc.
Pease CPA
Peoples Bank
Phoenix Metal Sales & Fabrication, LLC
Phoenix Steel Service, Inc.
Plante Moran
PNC Commercial Banking
Powell Automation Consultants
PPG Industries - Commercial Coatings
Pre-Check Company
Precision Door Service
Preform Trench Drain Company
Premier Bank
Premier Development Partners, LLC
Productivity Solutions
Products Chemical Company LLC
Profile Grinding, Inc.
Proud Automation
R.A.K. Machine, Inc.
Radcom, Inc.
Rainbow Rubber Extrusions
Ratliff & Taylor
Ray's Sausage Inc.
Rea & Associates
Red Seal Electric Company, Inc.
Redmond Waltz
RGI Creative, Inc.
River Rock Advisors
RML Tool & Die
Rockport Machine Company
Rockport Ready Mix
Roeder Consulting
Roetzel & Andress
Roundstone Management, Ltd.
Royal Chemical Company
Royal Wire Products, Inc.
Rust Belt Recruiting
Sandler Training Powered by MP Solutions
Schauer Group, Inc.
Sea Air Space Machining & Molding
Semco Carbon
Sharp Specialty Resources
Shoreline Machine Products Inc.
Sikich, LLP
Singleton Corporation
Skyhawk Resources, LLC
Soundwich Inc.
SPEED Exterminating Company
Spooner Incorporated
Staffing Solutions Enterprises
Stainless Specialties
Stata Productions
Stetler Associates
StoneDonut, LLC
Summers Rubber
SuperTrapp Industries
Swift Filters, Inc.
Talan Products, Inc.
Tango Echo Bravo Manufacturing, Inc.
Tap Packaging Solutions and The Chilcote Company
Team NEO
Team Wendy, LLC
Tempest, Inc.
Ter-Wal Tool & Mfg., Inc.
The Awning Company
The Domingo Group LLC
The Foundry Community Rowing & Sailing Center
The Garland Company, Inc.
The Gent Machine Company
The J.L. Taylor Company, Inc.
The M. Ryan Group
The Ohio Nut & Bolt Co
The Pipe Line Development Company
The Technology House, Ltd.
Timco Rubber Products, Inc.
TPI Efficiency
TransitioNext Advisors
Transworld Business Advisors of Cleveland West
Tremblay Tool Steels
Tremco, Inc.
Tribco, Inc.
TriState Capital Bank
U.S. Cotton, LLC
UniControl Inc.
UNIQUE Paving Materials Corp.
Universal Grinding Corporation
Universal Metals, LLC
Universal Robots
Upright Steel LLC.
USI Insurance Services
V2 Technology
Voss Industries, Inc.
Walsh Manufacturing Corporation
Bruce Waterhouse
WebbMason Marketing
Wecall Inc.
Werner G. Smith, Inc.
Weston Hurd LLP
Wire Laboratories Co.
Wire Products Company
WLS Fabricating Company
WLS Stamping Company
Woodhill Plating
YES Electric Inc.
Zaclon, LLC
Zinner & Co., LLP
Zito Insurance Agency Inc.


2020 Investors

Individual Leaders in Giving ($1,000-$4,999)

Ron Clough
Gary Davis
Patricia and Charles Mintz Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Individual Donors ($20-$999)

Bridgette Berthelot
Jason Collier
Judith Crocker
Mark Dawson
Beth Dawson
James Domingo
Jessica Hartman
Jennifer Horn
Ed Kubek
Marilyn Kysela
Ken Patsey
Tony Rispoli
Dave Robinson
Mari-Elen Sammon
Anne Schaum
Brianna Schultz
Tom Schumann
Chuck Valenches
Nancy Valentine
Bruce Waterhouse
Jessica Westropp

Corporate Donors

Aetna Plastics Corp.
Bettcher Industries, Inc.
Ciuni & Panichi, Inc.
Cleveland Steel Tool Co.
Cook-Leitch & Associates, Inc.
Gotta Groove Records
Key Private Bank
Royal Chemical Company
Talan Products, Inc.
Tap Packaging Solutions and The Chilcote Company
The Domingo Group LLC
Urban League of Greater Cleveland
V2 Technology
Wire Products Company

Program Support

The Catherine L & Edward A Lozick Foundation
Charles M & Helen M Brown Memorial Foundation
City of Cleveland – Department of Economic Development
The Cleveland Foundation
Cleveland Metropolitan School District
The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust
The Fund for Our Economic Future
The George Gund Foundation
Greater Cleveland Partnership
The Lozick Family Foundation
O'Neill Brothers Foundation
Reinberger Foundation
Swagelok Foundation
U.S. Department of Labor

Membership Program Partners

Grainger Supply
Oswald Companies
Spooner Incorporated
Spooner Safety Services
TPI Efficiency Consulting
Zito Insurance Agency Inc.

Thank You Sponsors

Team NEO
Dan T Moore Company
NSA 2020

2020 Leaders

Board of Directors

* Gary Davis, President & Owner, Aetna Plastics Corp.
* David Chilcote, Chairman & CEO, Tap Packaging Solutions and The Chilcote Company
* Jessica Hartman, Senior Manager, RSM US LLP
Pete Accorti, President, Talan Products, Inc.
* Renee Avampato, President, JRN Group, Inc.
Bridgette Berthelot, Senior Category Lead, Marketing & Communications, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Dan Collins, VP of Sales & Marketing, Wire Products Company
Mark Dawson, President, Cleveland Steel Tool Co.
* James Domingo, President, The Domingo Group LLC
Jason Drake, Executive Director, WorkRoom Program Alliance, Dan T. Moore Company
Sal Geraci, Chief Operating Officer, National Safety Apparel, Inc
* Jennifer Horn, Senior Counsel, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
John Hund
Mark Kovach, Division Manager - Finishing and Shipping, ArcelorMittal
Marilyn Kysela, Regional Investment Director, KeyCorp
* Jay O'Neill, Regional General Manager, Lane Steel Co., Inc.
* Steve Paavola, Controller, Equipment Manufacturers International
Tim Rosengarten, Vice President, Continuous Improvement, Voss Industries, Inc.
Jack Schron, Jr, President, Jergens, Inc.
Tom Schumann, President, Kitzel Inc.
* Robert Shenton, CPA, Partner, Plante Moran
Edward Steele, President, Bettcher Industries, Inc.
* Jason Tuma, Partner, Assurance Services, Sikich, LLP
* Leslie Yerkes, President, Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc.
* Denotes Executive Committee member

Finance Committee

Jessica Hartman, , RSM US LLP
Yessmin Castro, North Coast Container LLC
John Hund
Dave McCarthy, Rea & Associates
Steve Paavola, Equipment Manufacturers International
Jon Shoop, Marcum LLP

Governance Committee

Jennifer Horn, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
Pete Accorti, Talan Products, Inc.
James Domingo, The Domingo Group LLC
Tim Rosengarten, Voss Industries, Inc.
Jack Schron, Jr, Jergens, Inc.
Bruce Waterhouse, Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper, LLC

Growth and Transition Committee

Pete Accorti, Talan Products, Inc.
Stephen Caviness, Team NEO
Larry Fulton, LEFCO Worthington
Jessica Hartman, RSM US LLP
Phoebe Lee, VDP Safety & Uniforms Ltd.
Tom Schumann, Kitzel Inc.
Eric Schwarz, BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Kiley Smith, Premier Bank

Manufacturing Technology Committee

Edward Steele, Bettcher Industries, Inc.
Mark Bassett, Bassett Sprinkler Protection Inc.
Bob Beesley, Oatey
Linas Biliunas, Martindale Electric Co.
David Chilcote, Tap Packaging Solutions and The Chilcote Company
Dan Collins, Wire Products Company
Steve Craig, UniControl Inc.
Mark Dawson, Cleveland Steel Tool Co.
Annette Dockus, Magna Industries
Jay Foran, Team NEO
Sal Geraci, National Safety Apparel, Inc
Jana Green, DuPont
Andrew Gyekenyesi, Ohio Aerospace Institute
Shilpa Kedar, Cleveland State University
Jeff Martin, National Safety Apparel, Inc
Rick Phelps, ActionCOACH Team NEO
Dave Robinson, Royal Chemical Company
Buck Rodgers, Kitzel Inc.
Bob Rowland, Evergreen Industrial Batteries LLC
John Sbatella, Norman Noble, Inc.
Larry Sears, Case School of Engineering
Matt Ulepic, E Solutions LLC
Joe Work, MAGNET

Membership Committee

Jason Tuma, Sikich, LLP
Marcia Ciryak, Automation Plastics Corporation
James Domingo, The Domingo Group LLC
Rob Felber, Felber PR & Marketing
Barbara Hajes, Greater Cleveland Construction
Ed Kubek, Royal Chemical Company
Todd Lancaster, Oswald Companies
Cheryl Madsen, ErieBank
Brett Neate, Zinner & Co., LLP

Personnel Committee

Leslie Yerkes, Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc.
Pete Accorti, Talan Products, Inc.
Gary Davis, Aetna Plastics Corp.
James Domingo, The Domingo Group LLC
Jay O'Neill, Lane Steel Co., Inc.

Resource Development Committee

Renee Avampato, JRN Group, Inc.
Fernando Bertero, Fully Promoted
Bridgette Berthelot, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Mark Dawson, Cleveland Steel Tool Co.
Mark Kovach, ArcelorMittal
Liana Lake, Arkinetics Inc.
Jay O'Neill, Lane Steel Co., Inc.
Jim Penttila, Boutique IT Solutions (BITS)
Tom Schumann, Kitzel Inc.
Robert Shenton, Plante Moran
Samantha Slone, Compliance Technologies, Inc
Kiley Smith, Premier Bank

Workforce Development Committee

Marilyn Kysela, KeyCorp
Gloria Baker, Community Works
Michelle Belviso, Jergens, Inc.
Lindsay DesJardins, National Safety Apparel, Inc
Goren Dillard, Urban League of Greater Cleveland
Jason Drake, Dan T. Moore Company
Mike Glavin, Greater Cleveland Partnership
Robert Guy, WLS Stamping Company
Laura Knaak, Integrity Staffing Services
Kelsey Lee, ADP
Maureen Pansky, Oatey
Debbi Perkul, MAGNET
Diane Rossa, DER Project Consulting
Tom Schumann, Kitzel Inc.
Adam Snyder, MAGNET

Financial Report

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