B2B eCommerce and Inbound Marketing: the 1-2 Punch

. . . Don't Get Knocked Out!

During this workshop, you'll gain inside knowledge from industry experts on what B2B eCommerce is and why you need to get online now . . . or get left behind.

  1. You'll learn about available platforms, their cost, and what it takes to connect a new B2B website to your current back-office systems (no matter how old or complex they are). You'll also see how a well-built B2B site can increase your revenue, reduce costs, and create smoother order processing.
  2. Plus, you'll discover the power of inbound marketing and walk away with proven strategies that can take your B2B website to the next level and transform it into a powerful lead-generation tool for your business.
  3. To close the session, a Jeep® parts manufacturer will share their story, the mistakes they made along the way, and how their B2B website impacted their entire business.

Whether you have a B2B website or not, this is one workshop you don't want to miss.