Improving Inventory Optimization

A Manufacturing Works Webinar

In a simple sense, inventory optimization is what you get when you strike a balance between having enough inventory to satisfy your customer service standards while stocking as little inventory as possible. Customer service standards involve meeting demand—but not past the point that you have too much.

But inventory optimization gets complicated when supply and demand are constantly in a state of flux across a sizeable number of SKUs. The larger the complexity, the bigger the challenge.

This webinar will address the following questions:

  • What is inventory optimization?
  • Why does inventory optimization matter?
  • What happens in the absence of inventory optimization?
  • Stock-outs, stock overages - why do they happen?

We will also provide an overview of best practices to improve inventory optimization:

  • Alignment and accountability
  • Optimizing inventory with an Enterprise Resource Planning solution
  • Data-based policies and integrity
Our Presenter

Vice President of ERP Sales, Frank Nisemboum, is a trusted advisor at e2b teknologies who has guided organizations of all sizes enabling them to establish a technology presence and expand their business. His proven ability to analyze the current and future plans of a company and work with team members to subsequently bring technology solutions to the organization result in improved processes and controls that assure continued growth and profitability. Frank has worked in the ERP and CRM software selection, sales and consulting industry for almost 25 years. His strong ability to understand, interpret and match the needs of an organization to the right ERP solution make him an asset to all of his clients.

"e2b is very special. They are much more than a supplier to MFG—they are a strategic partner and we know that our business can continue to grow and to adopt to the ever-changing needs of our customers, suppliers, and our business partners because we have them on our side."

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