Building Our Workforce Pipeline

A Free Manufacturing Works Webinar

While college graduates are struggling to find a job in their field of study, manufacturers can't find the talent to keep up with demand. Where's the disconnect? A team effort is critical to address the lack of skilled workers in advanced manufacturing. This webinar will discuss the shared responsibility we have as students, parents, educators, workforce and economic development organizations, and manufacturers to connect America's youth with a path to the middle class and a meaningful career.

Young Worker

Greg Surtman
About Our Presenter

As Workforce Education Strategist at Tooling U-SME, Greg Surtman is responsible for bringing stakeholders together to create a pipeline of skilled workers in the Advanced Manufacturing sector. To address the skills gap in manufacturing, a focus on addressing "the awareness gap" is needed to guide America's youth towards livable wages and meaningful careers. Greg is motivated to leverage his experience in workforce development and education to create engaging learning models that will bridge this talent gap between job seekers and manufacturers across the country.