Networking for Manufacturers Series

"More networking!" It's the cry we hear from our members in response to every evaluation and survey we send.
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Presented by MCPc, an experienced technology solutions provider, Manufacturing Works networking events allow you to increase visibility, develop relationships, hone your marketing message, connect with industry influencers, recruit talent, and socialize.


Brewer, Buyer, and Community

Manufacturers Networking at Goldhorn Brewery

Join Manufacturing Works for a networking tour at Goldhorn Brewery. The 10,000-square-foot brewery and 175-seat taproom is an industrial-chic pub located in St. Clair Superior's Hub 55 complex and is named for the famed mountain goat of Slovenian folklore—in homage to its neighborhood's roots. The brewery has a rotating draft list but focuses on the types of beers you'd expect to have found in a place like this in the 30s and 40s when the area was filled with Slovenians and Croatians and other ethnic groups.

We're not trying to reinvent beer, because there's no reason to reinvent beer. We're exploring and connecting the rich heritage and traditions of our Cleveland neighborhood to craft beers that bring people together, inspire stories, and make you proud to say, "I'll have a Goldhorn."

Goldhorn Bewery