Manufacturing Lunch 'n' Learn Series

Skoda Minotti

Manufacturing Works' Lunch 'n' Learn series, presented by Skoda Minotti, features local successful manufacturing leaders with great lessons to share. You can learn from their stories of what it took to get where they are today, and what they are doing to continue growing toward the future.

Affecting Change in Legacy Organizations

Conveyer & Caster - Equipment for Industry

Getting Your Sticks Out of the Mud!

  • Have you struggled to implement a change in your organization?
  • Have you been met with resistance that would make a teenager blush?
  • Did it feel like your suggestions for change were challenging the very core of your co-worker's identity?

Change in any organization is hard—even nimble and agile start-ups struggle to adapt to new conditions and processes. Change can be especially hard for well-established organizations. Like the people who constitute it, your organization has developed routines, practices, and habits that, good or bad, become part of its culture and identity.

Brian Harrington, IT and Marketing Manager for Conveyer & Caster - Equipment for Industry (CC-EFI), will share lessons he learned from a journey of change at work. CC-EFI was founded in 1961 and is a third-generation, family-owned material handling distributorship. Their average professional staff employee has tenure of over ten years. The organization went from a small company, reactive mindset to a forward-looking, strategy-oriented one. To get where they are today, the organization had to implement new processes, technologies, and procedures. It wasn't always easy. Brian will share how they worked through it, learned their lessons, and reached for a better future.

About Our Speaker

Brian Harrington is the IT & Marketing Manager at Conveyer & Caster - Equipment for Industry (CC-EFI). He is part of CC-EFI's leadership team and has worked there for 14 years. His role puts him at the intersection of soft and hard process areas: sales and data. His primary responsibility is the development, training, and administration of CC-EFI's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Brian has helped CC-EFI create systems and procedures in their sales departments, created cross-organization communications, and improved customer experiences. His efforts have yielded him two awards from Tour de Force CRM, CC-EFI's CRM software vendor: the Key Contributor Award (2017) and the Innovation Award (2018) for an activity focused mapping application.

Brian serves on Manufacturing Works' Membership and Manufacturing Services committees. He also co-hosts a podcast about Cleveland: The CLECast.