Competency Models Drive Competitiveness and Combat the Manufacturing Skills Gap

A Free Manufacturing Works Webinar

Manufacturers are reevaluating traditional time-based training models in favor of career-relevant competency-based education. Tooling U-SME, an industry leader in manufacturing training and development, will:

  • Explore the skills gap
  • Define competency models
  • Analyze the need and benefits of competency modeling
  • Explain the types of models
  • Assess best practices
Skills Training

Sue Mueller
About Our Presenter

With 30 years' experience in the training and development industry, Sue Mueller has spent her time designing, developing, and delivering training in the U.S. and abroad. Sue holds a MA in Sociology and has designed over 60 modules of training for use by manufacturing and service organizations. She has been employed by several training and development organizations throughout her career, including AchieveGlobal, VisionPoint, and BizLibrary. She has delivered training at two- and four-year schools as adjunct faculty and as a corporate facilitator in WI, NC, and TN, and holds several facilitation certifications. As organizational strategies have changed to allow for greater alignment to their workforce training needs Sue has been involved in the redesign of courses resulting in competency-based design and increased flexibility for skill attainment. Sue resides with her husband and two children in Sussex, WI.