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Disney's Approach to Leadership Excellence

Disney Institute Leadership Excellence

A leader is far more than a title—leadership is about taking actions to create sustained, positive transformations within an organization. Leaders also cultivate committed and engaged employees who strive to lead as well. It is this approach to leadership that is responsible for The Walt Disney Company's legacy known around the world today.

Disney Institute offers leadership development through a time-tested approach that demonstrates the values and behaviors of exemplary leaders. Leaders who intentionally nurture an environment of mutual trust and respect find that they create stronger employee performance, exceptional customer service, and ultimately greater business results. Connecting great leadership to improved performance is just one of the ways Disney Institute helps organizations reimagine their results.

Manufacturing Works and the North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce are excited to bring this renowned professional development course to Northeast Ohio, where you will learn how to:

  • Adapt time-tested Disney business insight to assess and improve your organization.
  • Identify the personal and organizational values that drive you as a leader to carry out your vision and the organization's.
  • Establish an alignment of personal values and organizational values to enthusiastically support the vision.
  • Understand a leader's values-infused role in operationalizing culture-building and team support.
  • Develop strategies to sustain your organization's values and visions during turbulent times as well as good times.
  • Build your own personal legacy as a leader.

Sponsorship Opportunities are available! Contact Rick Dawson at 216.920.1960 for details.


There will be a fee for cancellation, which will be deducted from the fee paid at registration.

  • Before July 20, 2018: $100.00
  • July 20 through August 19, 2018: $175.00
  • August 20 through September 1, 2018: $275.00
  • After September 1, 2018: Full ticket cost

Although Disney Institute is presenting this program, the sponsor of this program, North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturing Works, and not Disney Institute, are responsible for marketing and promoting this program, and for providing and arranging for the venue, facilities and other items for this program. This includes any food and beverage offered at or in connection with this program. North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturing Works is not an agent of Disney Institute or its affiliates, and Disney Institute and its affiliates assume no liability relating to the event or for the acts or omissions of North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturing Works."