Manufacturing Lunch 'n' Learn Series

Skoda Minotti

WIRE-Net's Lunch 'n' Learn series, presented by Skoda Minotti, features local successful manufacturing leaders with great lessons to share. You can learn from their stories of what it took to get where they are today, and what they are doing to continue growing toward the future.

Increasing Operating Efficiencies Through Technology:

Orlando Baking Company

Orlando Baking Company was actively looking for ways to increase operating efficiencies. Sometime in early 2014, senior management was invited by Redzone Production Systems to visit a manufacturing facility to see their operating efficiency program in use. The team was so impressed that they brought Redzone in for a demonstration and decided to implement it in their facility. Redzone is a technology platform that focuses on improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and delivering continuous improvement in productivity, food safety, and quality management.

The system uses counting mechanisms and iPads to record:

  • Production line statistics
  • Downtime events
  • Quality checks
  • Additional comments, questions, or concerns

Redzone's real time analytics allow floor supervisors and management to make decisions anytime, anywhere – even from home. The platform promotes active engagement through all levels of the company and has become an incentive for associates to perform better on their respective production line.

Orlando Baking & Snack Feature

Orlando Baking Company produces over 300 varieties of baked goods in a 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Cleveland. The products are sold fresh or frozen to customers coast to coast. They focus on their product—producing and developing unique high-quality products for private labeling, restaurant chains and single owned locations; products sold direct to the consumer in retail outlets and distribution to food service outlets including restaurants, catering companies, universities, sports venues, and hospitals.

The company was recently featured in the Baking & Snack magazine.